Friday, August 23, 2013

Smart Walking stick for Blind People

Smart Walking Stick - built in sat navigation, by Fujitshu's Technolab

Japanese technology firm, Fujitsu has create a "next-generation" cane that may help the country's rapidly ageing population find their way home.

An LED display is mounted on the top of the stick which shows the user which direction they should be going, and vibrates when they need to change direction.

In can also monitor the heart rate and temperature of its user, and beam that information back to a carer, along with its location. If the stick detects anything unusual, it can

send an email alert and even automatically contact emergency services.

The innards of the walking stick include 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, and while it has been designed for Japan's elderly population, the company also says that it could be used by any vulnerable individuals.

Blind Stick with eyes
It is the familiar red and white stick, but with the enhanced features that make it quite a practical solution for blind commuters. The Eye Stick is filtered with a sensor lens towards the bottom part, from where it picks up location bearings, like is the person nearing staircase, or is he near the traffic lights. It then sends feedback to the blind commuters via vibration, communicating the scenario, so that the person can be aware of his surroundings and takes his next step with confidence.

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