Thursday, September 11, 2014

Portable Projector

Kickstand Projector : Redefines the Portable Projector

There are gadgets that we have been using for years that has not changed much in form although the internal hardware may have progressively been updated over the years. The portable projector is one of these items. The projector has slimmed down from the bulky and ugly box that weighs a ton to a svelte little box that is basically a smaller and less bulky version of the original. The Bem Kickstand Projector from bēm wireless takes the portable projector and reinvents the wheel, culminating in a design that is pure, simple and functional. If Apple made projectors, they will probably look a lot like the Bem Kickstand Projector.

There are plenty of small sized and compact projectors on the market today. The Bem Kickstand Projector is not the smallest and neither is that its strong point. The beauty of the projector is how every part functions and incorporates into the overall design of the product. The stylish aluminium band that surrounds the projector gives it an elegant look. The same band forms a handle and protects the projector during transportation. It also transforms into a kickstand for the projector.
The wireless remote control for the Bem Kickstand Projector doubles up as the lens cover. The projector can project an image with a native graphics display resolution of 1280 x 800 WXGA up to 96″ with the DLP LED bulb that has a brightness of up to 400 ANSI lumens. Video input is via HDMI or it can also read directly from a USB drive without the use of a computer.Source[1]

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