Sunday, October 12, 2014

Echo: SmartPen

Echo Smart Pen

Record and Play Back

Record everything you write, hear or say. Replay your meetings or lectures simply by tapping on your notes.

Save, Search and Organize

Transfer your notes and audio to your computer via USB cable and Livescribe Desktop will save everything for fast, easy access to what’s important.

Send and Share

Easily share your notes and audio recordings as a
Pencast PDF or audio file.


Micro USB Controller : Transfers notes and audio to your computer and

recharges your smartpen using a USB connection.

Microphone :Capture your meetings or lectures with crisp clear sound.

Built-in-speaker: Built–in speaker produces rich, full sound to play back your 

recorded audio.

Economic Grip:The ergnomic grip design provides comfort during long 

meetings and lectures.

Audio Jack: Standard 3.5mm jack fits your own earphones or the Livescribe 3–

Premium Recording Headset to enable binaural recording.

Display: High–contrast OLED display makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps.

Memory: 2GB model holds 200 hours of audio.

Replaceable Ink Tip: Simply remove the ink cartridge by pulling it out with 

your fingertips. Insert a new cartridge until it clicks into place.

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